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Did you know food safety and crisis management guidelines were already available in Australia?

Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL) has made available several guidelines in both food safety and crisis management over the past few years which can help you manage and maintain healthy and safe food.

Horticulture Industry Crisis Management Guidelines (2010) were created to assist members of the Australian horticulture industry in responding to a crisis or uncontained situation on an individual company level, specific industry level or encompass a cross section of the horticulture industry.

They provide a self-assessment tool to determine preparedness to manage an uncontained situation for Peak Industry Bodies. This includes contingency planning and management of the crisis such as: recall protocols, media responses, customer and consumer inquiries and emergency quality assurance should all be included in the of the crisis.

It should be noted that the HAL Crisis Reference Group is in name only. HAL is not a Peak Industry Body and ultimate responsibility for industry response falls to the appropriate commercial entity or industry.
Download a copy of the Crisis Management Guidelines here (PDF, 693 KB).

A presentation on crisis management risk assessment, made available by Mr Richard Bennett, Product Integrity Manager, HAL.
Download a copy of the Crisis Management Risk Assessment Presentation here (PDF, 292 KB).

Freshcare in conjunction with the Quality Management Working Group have also provided a guide to Minimising the risk of microbes on fresh produce (2006).
Download a copy of Minimising the risk of microbial contamination of fresh produce (PDF 81 KB).

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