Brief Report, CPS Research Symposium 26 and 27th June 2013 ,Wegman’s Conference Centre Rochester, NY State.

The CPS at the University of Davis has been very supportive of the initiatives in Australia to establish an affiliated Fresh Produce Safety Centre. Over the past year they have very generously shared their research outcomes, they have given presentations to our industry, and this year invited Australian researchers to apply for research grants to work collaboratively with US scientists on issues important for the Australian fruit and vegetable industry.

As part of the ongoing collaboration Dr Robyn McConchie from the University of Sydney was invited to take part in a panel session at the recent 2013 CPS Research Symposium held at Wegman’s Conference Centre in Rochester, NY State. This year, due to the increasing awareness and interest from the US industry, the Research Symposium was held over 2 days.

The first day was devoted to reviewing “CPS: The First Five Years and the Road Ahead” and a review session on “Listeria and Produce: What You Need to Know and Lessons Learned to Help Manage the Risks”.  The second day was devoted to project reports on “Composts and Ag Practices/ Pathogen Survival“, “Water Quality for Irrigation and Postharvest Practices“,  “Pathogen transference: Pre-harvest, harvest and Packaging.” And “Hot Topics.”

The first part of a 2 part summary of the key messages from the Symposium is now available. This includes the topics: Listeria monocytogenes and composting.

Click here to view the Summary Part 1.