Ryan Talley, chairman of the California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement, believes leafy green vegetables are safer than ever.

As chairman of the California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement (LMGA), I am often asked if leafy greens are safer today than before the creation of our food safety program in 2007.

While I am in agreement with many others in the farming community who think leafy greens have always been safe, I honestly believe the existence of the LGMA has made this healthy food safer than ever before. In fact, given the drive for continuous improvement that is at the core of the LGMA, I would say that leafy greens are getting safer all the time.

As a farmer of leafy greens and a certified LGMA handler, I know firsthand the rigor of the LGMA food safety program, the thoroughness of the government audit program, the system of announced and unannounced audits, and the corrective actions required of us if we violate even one of the food safety checkpoints included in the LGMA audit.

As an LGMA Board member, I am also keenly aware of the transparent process by which LGMA metrics are updated to ensure they incorporate the best science available. I have seen the LGMA Tech program which trains our workforce grow stronger each year.

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Source: www.westernfarmpress.com. Written by Ryan Talley,California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement