About the Fresh Produce Safety Centre

The Fresh Produce Safety Centre is a new, industry-led, not-for-profit company established to enhance fresh produce food safety across Australia and New Zealand through research, outreach and education.

The Centre’s goals are to:

  • Call for and oversee food safety research projects that are highly relevant to industry
  • Provide food safety information, news, education and outreach to the industry
  • Engage with regulatory and other organisations for effective and efficient food safety management leading to enhanced food safety outcomes.

The Centre is funded and led by the fresh produce industries in Australia and New Zealand. It has been established by the Produce Marketing Association Australia-New Zealand (PMA A-NZ) through a Horticulture Australia Limited project with the University of Sydney. The project is funded with voluntary and in-kind contributions from industry, the University and PMA A-NZ, demonstrating widespread support for the Centre. The Centre has two part-time staff (an Executive Director and Administration Officer) and is hosted by the University of Sydney.

The Call for Expressions of Interest for Members of the FPSC Technical Committee

Individuals are being invited from across the fresh produce research community and industry to express interest in becoming members of the Technical Committee of the Fresh Produce Safety Centre Ltd. There will be seven volunteer Technical Committee members, including one to be drawn from the FPSC Board.

Appointment to the Technical Committee will be made by the FPSC Board.

Required Experience and Skills

The Technical Committee of the Fresh Produce Safety Centre will comprise of members with a wide range of expertise and experience in the fresh produce industries and fresh produce research in Australia and/or New Zealand. Technical Committee members are being sought with experience from the following areas:

  • Industry expertise from across the fresh produce supply chain: growers, input suppliers, processors, packers, transport, wholesalers/agents, retailers
  • Academic, regulatory and industry-based food and food safety academics and scientists.

We are seeking Technical Committee members with expertise across a range of priority research areas including:

  • microbial research
  • allergens in food
  • water quality and use, including field operations/irrigation, and wash water
  • pathogens in the supply chain
  • produce harvest and post-harvest practices, including cooling and transport
  • compost and organic fertiliser use
  • chemical residues
  • regulations and protocols
  • extension and outreach, and
  • other research specialities relating to fresh produce safety research.

Role of the Technical Committee

The roles of the members of the Technical Committee of the Fresh Produce Safety Centre are :

  • Advise the FPSC Board on suitability and selection of priority areas for research activities each year, including the specific priority areas for research to be included in any Calls for Research Proposals.
  • Review, select and rank submitted research proposals which meet the selection criteria for funding each year.
  • Recommend to the FPSC Board a short list of proposals suitable for funding each year.
  • Review both technical- and industry-focused research outputs from funded research projects and advise on suitability for outreach.
  • Provide ad hoc advice to the Board and staff of the FPSC on fresh produce food safety technical issues, as required.
  • Meet at least once per year face-to-face and at least one other time by teleconference.

The Technical Committee members will be volunteer and will not be remunerated. The Technical Committee members are encouraged to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses.

How to Express Interest

Please supply a copy of your brief resume and a cover letter outlining your experience in the fresh produce industries and the skills that you would bring to the Fresh Produce Safety Centre, mapped against the criteria outlined above.

The closing time and date for nominations is 5pm Friday 1 August 2014. Please email your letter and brief resume to:

Emma Walters
Interim Executive Director
Fresh Produce Safety Centre
hosted by the University of Sydney
Faculty of Agriculture and Environment
Room 412, Biomedical Building
1 Central Ave
Australian Technology Park
Eveleigh 2015 NSW

A selection panel from the Fresh Produce Safety Centre Board, will review the applications, interview shortlisted applicants and select the members of the Technical Committee.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Fresh Produce Safety Centre’s interim Executive Director Emma Walters on +61 (2) 8627 1058 or e-mail us using the comment box below if you would like further information.

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This project has been funded by HAL using voluntary contributions from industry and matched funds from the Australian Government.