A food safety related business in Europe recently ran a survey across several major cities of the world to determine the general perspective that consumers have of food safety and its importance.

The results were interesting compared to a similar survey done in 2007 as now more than 67percent of the 5000 people surveyed believed that food safety was essential, compared to only 48 percent seven years ago. The company expects that this figure will rise to at least 71 percent by 2017.

Even though the biggest food poisoning in world history to date was from a vegetable source (E.coli in sprouts), it is meat and poultry that is the biggest concern to consumers. Seafood comes in second, with the fresh produce bringing up third place.

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Source: http://www.foodsafety.edu.au. Written by Rachelle Williams.

Image credit: Exam by Alberto G 2006 (CC BY 2.0)