NSW Food Authority: The scientists of the NSW Food Authority are throwing on their lab coats [this] week in celebration of National Science Week 2014 (16 – 24 August), a time to focus the microscope on the important role that science plays in food safety and protecting people from food poisoning.

A feature of the Food Authority’s Science Week activities this year will be the chance to ask our chief scientist Dr Lisa Szabo any of your curly questions about food safety in our inaugural “Ask Dr Lisa” a live online Q&A session to be held on Thursday 21 August between 1pm and 2pm.

Dr Szabo said there are plenty of myths around food safety and she is always keen to bust the food furphies that could put people’s health at risk.

“A common one is the notion of the five second rule, that if you drop food on the floor but pick it up quickly enough your food should be fine,” Dr Szabo said.

“I’m sorry to say that really is a myth.”

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