Smithcom: “A new study demonstrates that Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) used to ship fruits and vegetables in Canada are not properly sanitized and show traces of E coli.

The report, developed by a University of Guelph professor and researcher, Keith Warriner, indicates that sanitation standards of RPCs are inadequate for a second consecutive year. ”We saw alarming levels of sanitization and significant risk for food contamination,” said Warriner.

In fact, using UK food safety standards for food surfaces as a pass/fail baseline, 43% of RPCs failed sanitary standards due to high ATP (adenosine triphosphate) readings (equivalent standards do not exist in North America). Specifically, the fecal indicators were more prevalent in the current sampling trials compared to the study performed in 2013. Rates in the province of Quebec are especially alarming. RPCs sampled in Quebec recorded the highest indicator counts and ATP readings.”

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