The Fresh Produce Safety Centre today launched two landmark research projects aimed at improving the safety of Australian and New Zealand fresh produce.

The two projects are:

The projects have been financially supported by industry and government, demonstrating the broad support across Australia and New Zealand for this work.

“The generous support of the fresh produce industry and food safety organisations has been the catalyst to get these vital projects up and running,” said Fresh Produce Safety Centre Chairman Michael Worthington.

“The companies and industry organisations supporting these projects know that food safety is paramount: they are tangibly demonstrating their support for fresh produce safety in Australia and New Zealand,” Mr Worthington said.

The aim of the Guidelines project is to review and update the Guidelines for On-Farm Food Safety for Fresh Produce, to expand the scope to include new topics and post-farm activities and to contain the most up-to-date information available.

Industry stakeholders have long sought a revision of the Guidelines, as the last review came in 2004.

This project has been generously supported by Woolworths and the NSW Food Authority (Platinum sponsors), Freshcare (Gold sponsor) plus N2N Global, Fresh Select and AUS-QUAL (Silver sponsors).

The Understanding the Gaps project will engage a research provider to review the contemporary literature surrounding microbial contamination of fresh produce and the interaction of sanitisers and fungicides when used postharvest.

This review will provide the fresh produce industry in Australia and New Zealand with information to improve food safety best practice and reduce the opportunity for foodborne illness.

The Understanding the Gaps project has been generously supported by Pipfruit NZ and the NSW Food Authority (Full Research Partners) plus Fresh Select and GSF Australasia/Snap Fresh Foods (Associate Research Partners).

The Understanding the Gaps report will be released mid-year, while the revised Guidelines will be launched in the third quarter of 2015.

“The Fresh Produce Safety Centre has been established by industry to enhance fresh produce safety throughout Australia and New Zealand: with these projects, we will deliver the resources that industry has identified as top priorities,” Mr Worthington said.

Sponsors of the Understanding the Gaps project:


Sponsors of the Guidelines for Fresh Produce Food Safety project:

Link to Guidelines page: http:/

Link to UtG page:

The Fresh Produce Safety Centre’s supporters are:

Platinum supporters: Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd | PMA Australia-New Zealand Limited | University of Sydney | Woolworths Ltd

Silver supporters: Freshcare Limited | Harris Farm Markets Pty Ltd | Horticulture New Zealand | Perfection Fresh Australia Pty Ltd | Primo Moraitis Fresh Pty Limited

Bronze supporters: Australian Mango Industry Association (AMIA) | Chamber of Fruit & Vegetable Industries in Western Australia (Inc) | GS1 Australia Ltd | Kalfresh Pty Ltd | Living Foods NZ | MG Marketing Limited and LaManna Limited | Mulgowie Farming Company | OneHarvest Pty Ltd | Premier Fruits Group Pty Ltd | Sci Qual International Pty Ltd | TQA Australia

HorticultureInnovationAustralia-LogoLSmall-K The Fresh Produce Safety Centre has been funded by a Horticulture Innovation Australia project with co-investment from industry and funds from the Australian Government.

For further information please contact FPSC Executive Director Emma Walters on +61 02 8627 1058 or Chair Michael Worthington, CEO, PMA Australia-New Zealand, on +61 03 8844 5536.