Day: February 5, 2015

US: Scientists, public at odds over food safety

The Californian: What worries consumers about the food supply is opposite from what scientists fret over, according to a new poll by the Pew Research Center. And 98 percent of surveyed scientists say it’s a problem that average folks don’t know what the eggheads are talking about.
That’s a disparity that causes sleepless nights for Teresa Thorne, executive director of Watsonville-based Alliance for Food and Farming. The mission of the alliance is to promote consumption of fruits and vegetables to maintain health. She said the messages consumers receive – particularly about pesticide residue – can confuse and dissuade them from eating healthy foods.
“While health officials repeatedly tell consumers to eat more organic and conventional fruits and vegetables every day for better health, they [consumers] are also hearing inaccurate and scary statements calling into question the safety of conventionally grown produce,” Thorne said.
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