Photo: Joe Lodge / Flickr, CC BY 2.0

FSANZ is working with state and territory food regulatory authorities, public health bodies and the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture on this incident. The Department of Agriculture has asked FSANZ to provide advice about frozen berries and the risk of hepatitis A. FSANZ is now conducting a risk assessment on the matter.

Food recalls are managed by state and territory authorities and are coordinated by FSANZ. The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services is managing this particular recall. Regulatory authorities and industry have moved quickly to ensure all potentially affected products have been removed from retail sale.

All food sold in Australia must be safe and suitable and must meet the requirements of the Food Standards Code. Even with the best food safety practices issues like this will occur from time-to-time. Australia’s food recall system has been developed to manage recalls when there is a food safety issue.

Click here to read the full fact sheet from FSANZ, including links to further information on hepatitis A and information regarding the testing of imported food.