Dr Trevor Suslow, from UC Davis, and Board member of the Center for Produce Safety, presented a seminar on current issues in microbial contamination of horticultural produce at the University of Sydney on Friday 20 March at 11.00am. The seminar has kindly been made available by the University of Sydney, and is available for viewing online using Adobe Connect (free download).

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Trevor has a PhD from UC Berkley and currently is an extension specialist in postharvest pathology and microbiology of perishable horticultural commodities and lightly-processed (fresh-cut) vegetables, the role of environmental and crop production practices on postharvest quality and safety of edible horticultural crops, microbial safety and disinfection of preharvest and postharvest water, and biologically-mediated controls of postharvest diseases and pathogens of human food safety concern. His current research activities seek to integrate a variety of approaches to increasing our understanding of plant:microbe interactions that impact postharvest quality (decay/spoilage) and microbial food safety of fruits and vegetables. Applied research programs that address preharvest and postharvest risk assessment and hazard analysis specific to the epidemiology ofSalmonella,E. coli, and Listeria.We are combining lab and on-farm research related to pathogens of food safety concerns, in conventional and organic production systems, for the purpose of identifying opportunities for optimal microbial reductions and delivery of safe food to the consumer.