Photo: AgriLife Today / Flikr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Center for Produce Safety: Simultaneous field trials are being conducted half way around the world to determine whether cover crops, soil or bed solarization, or a combination of both can help remediate Salmonella enterica-contaminated soil.

The research is being led by Trevor Suslow, University of California Extension Research Specialist in the Department of Plant Sciences, Davis, California; along with co-investigator Robyn McConchie, Associate Professor in the Department of Plant and Food Science and department head, University of Sydney, Australia.

International collaborations of this type benefit both countries as well as speed the research since two sets of trials are conducted in tandem, McConchie said. “We can come to recommendations a lot faster by leveraging off of each other and sharing information,” she said of the research, now in its second year.” Also, Trevor has had a long experience in fresh produce safety research, and we’re benefiting from sharing his information to fast-track our research in Australia as well.”

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