Daily Mail Australia: Pumpkin quinoa burgers, organic bulgar salad, and slow cooked lamb are just some of the dishes set to be served up at Australia’s first ever waste food pop-up café – where all the food is created from ingredients destined for landfill. A fancy range of sharing-style meals will be served up by chef Travis Harvey who has spent the past month ‘squirreling away’ surplus ingredients that have been donated from restaurants, supermarkets and events.

‘None of it is questionable for consumption, that is the striking thing,’ Harvey told Daily Mail Australia. Thanks to a change in the Civil Liabilities Amendment Act, more food retailers and restaurants now feel comfortable about donating surplus ingredients to charity because the liability has been removed. ‘It used to be the case that whoever the food donor is would be liable food safety wise but it was Ronni [Ronni Kahn, Founder & CEO of OzHarvest] that had the laws changed,’ Harvey said.

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