Photo: Jonathan Taglione / Flikr CC BY-NC 2.0

Massey University: Food is an integral part of life, and New Zealand has carefully cultivated a global reputation for food quality and safety. The rise in popularity of so many cooking shows both here and overseas indicates that people are keen to learn about the value of excellent products to make memorable food. This is a good thing.

Since the inception of the New Zealand Food Awards in 1987, Massey University has led the charge celebrating New Zealand’s biggest export industry and we are proud to do so. Value-added premium quality products are where New Zealand’s future lies and these are the premium awards for the food industry, with entrants ranging from small start-up artisan producers to some of our largest manufacturers.

Entrants’ products and processes are subjected to a rigorous judging process by industry professionals for each category. They are offered valuable feedback as well as additional exposure to the strategic partner group who work together to bring their expertise to the table, focused on improving the industry. In some cases, it is also a chance for regional producers to highlight the great work being done in and around their base.

Entries for the 2015 New Zealand Food Awards close on July 10. Now is the time for companies to stand up, show how far they have come and celebrate success. For more information, visit the NZ Food Awards website.

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