Food Safety Information Council: The Food Safety Information Council today released five tips to help consumers avoid the spread of norovirus, a leading cause of gastroenteritis, over the winter months. This follows recent ANU research that found there are an estimated 276,000 cases of norovirus infection on average in Australia each year, leading to 150 hospitalisations and 1 death.

Incoming Council Chair, Rachelle Williams, said that norovirus is among the top 4 known causes of foodborne disease each year.

‘Norovirus illness occurs all year round but cases peak during winter possibly because those of us living in the colder regions of Australia are more likely to stay inside in close contact allowing the virus to easily spread. Once norovirus is contracted, a single infected person can easily spread it to many others, especially if they don’t wash their hands properly or prepare food or drink for others while they’re sick.’ Ms Williams concluded.

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