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US: Television cooking shows lack food safety

Michigan State University: Cooking shows and competitions have become standard fare on television over the past few years. A 2010 Harris Poll showed that eight out of 10 American adults watch cooking shows on television on a regular basis. Unfortunately, when it comes to food safety practices, television cooking shows fall incredibly short, potentially portraying dangerous practices that, if repeated in the home kitchen, could make people sick.

Several studies have been conducted over the last decade in the U.S., Canada and Britain to examine food safety practices in cooking shows. One such study found that for every positive food handling practice, there were 13 food handling violations. The majority of these violations were incidences of cross-contamination due to the host not washing their hands.

Click here to read the full article from Michigan State University Extension.

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  1. Martin Horne #

    Unfortunately this is not limited to the USA. Here in Australia, cooking shows are becoming more popular, however it is normal to see unwashed hands, dirty aprons used to wipe hands, wooden cutting boards and no control over long hair, beards etc. Although one would hope the food is being eaten immediately, minimizing risk, this may not be clear to the wider audience and is still outside of hygiene guidelines.


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