Herald Mail Media: During the past eight years, I have trained nearly 10,000 people for food manager certifications nationally and internationally. On a weekly basis, someone brings up a celebrity chef and talks about what he or she viewed on a televised program. Bam! I have to undo the damage that’s been done.

In other words, if a huge celebrity chef can do it on TV, why can’t I? Let me tell you, Gordon Ramsay’s primary responsibility when filming “Hell’s Kitchen” isn’t food safety, it’s entertainment. The same rubrics apply for Tom Colicchio and the filming of “Top Chef.”

Flashback to November 2012 and Martha Stewart, self-proclaimed queen of anything and everything domestic, was confined to bed for several days after becoming ill with salmonella. I remember thinking, “I wish they would show her wearing gloves or washing her hands.” Apparently, she did neither, or at least not well.

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