Progressive Grocer: On average, $10 million dollars is the cost of a recall on a food company. Add this to the fact that recalls have been doubling every year from the 2002-2014 period in the United States, and it should worry any stakeholder in the manufacturing and processing facilities. Yet many of them are surprisingly optimistic about the chance of a recall affecting business, and it’s their belief of invincibility that leaves them unprepared to weather a storm when one blows up.

When manufacturers take a risk on their customers’ health, they take a risk on their business’s health. The silver lining to this is that progressive retailers are leading the march for suppliers and processors to get their HACCP documentation in compliance with international regulations. During this year’s annual International Association of Food Protection Conference that took place in Portland, Ore., earlier this month, Frank Yiannas, VP of food safety at Walmart, made his position clear on the future of food safety: all roads lead to automation.

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