Photo: Daniella Segura / Flickr, CC BY 2.0

US FDA: September 10, 2015 – Salinas, California – organicgirl Produce is voluntarily recalling a limited quantity of 5 oz. organicgirl Baby Spinach with a Use-by Date of September 13 and Product Code B030298-001B08S due to test results indicating the presence of trace levels of the naturally-occurring element cadmium. The recall includes 1,290 cases distributed primarily to Western and Midwestern states. No other organicgirl Baby Spinach products or other organicgirl salads are included in the recall.

No illnesses are reported in association with this recall.

Because it is naturally-occurring in the earth’s soil, trace levels of cadmium are found in many foods as well as in the water and air. There is no minimum health tolerance for Cadmium in crops or soil in the U.S. at this time and the probability of acute health consequences from consumption of Cadmium is remote. organicgirl Produce is coordinating closely with regulators.

This recall action is being taken out of an abundance of caution due to an isolated instance in which a single package of 5 oz. organicgirl Baby Spinach tested randomly by the California Department of Public Health demonstrated the presence of trace levels of cadmium. This recall is one in which any health risk is perceived to be non-life-threatening with any potential health effects being temporary or reversible.

Click here to read the full media release at the US Food and Drug Administration