Photo: Christa / Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 In 2014, pest infestation cost Australian businesses $796 million, with a further revenue decline of $1.7 billion also attributed to unwanted creepy crawlies.

Research commissioned by pest control company Rentokil found that 83% of Australian businesses have experienced incidences of pest infestations over the last five years. On average, an incident of pest infestation in an Australian business lasted for just under three weeks. Food-based businesses were particularly vulnerable, with 12% of companies within this industry reporting losing more than 10 working days as a result of pest infestation.

The most common pests that affected businesses were cockroaches (51%), mice (34%), ants (27%) and rats (25%). Just under 30% of businesses reported experiencing brand loyalty damage and damage to reputation or customer trust due to pest infestations.

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