Ministry for Primary Industries: The new Food Act could mean changes for your business if you make or sell food. To help you work out where you fit in with the changes, a new online tool Where Do I Fit? is available from the Ministry for Primary Industries.

The Food Act covers businesses that make, serve, sell or trade food commercially.

With the online Where Do I Fit? tool, by answering a series of yes/no questions, you can find out what you’ll need to do to comply with the law.

Whether you sell food at the school canteen, grow fruit and vegetables for sale, run a B&B, bake bread or any other business type that deals in food products, the Where Do I Fit? tool can guide you through the process.

It will tell you if you’re likely to have to follow a food control plan, a national programme or be exempt, and whether there is any overlap with other laws, such as the Animal Products Act.

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