Food Safety News: When someone sets out to intentionally poison food, the dividing line between bioterrorism and just a prank or malicious mischief comes down to motive and, more importantly, whether anyone was sickened or worse. The motive of the man the FBI has in custody for spraying a mixture that included mouse poison on unpackaged foods at grocery stores in the Ann Arbor, MI, area isn’t yet known. Michigan health officials say they don’t know of anyone who was sickened.

The man, though not yet charged or identified, is said to have mixed alcohol-based hand-sanitizer, water, and mouse poison. Then he went to three Ann Arbor grocery stores and sprayed it on fresh produce and open food bars. Officials report he may have repeated the routine at stores in the Saginaw and Midland. The health officials figure that since the man sprayed fresh foods, they’ve probably been consumed. If so, the threat is passed.