Quality Assurance & Food Safety Magazine: It has been 16 years since food retailer CEOs from around the world joined together in an attempt to increase food safety and reduce the number and inconsistencies of audits to which the food industry was being held. It was the beginning of the Consumer Goods Forum (then called The Food Business Forum) and the founding of its non-profit foundation, the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).
But GFSI has not been alone in this drive to improve food safety; there have been waves of initiatives – driven from within the industry as well as by consumers, media, and governments around the world, with a surge of new or updated food safety regulations in recent years – from our [US] FSMA rules to Canada’s consolidation of its food safety regulations to China’s Food Safety Law of 2015. So where does all this put GFSI? How does the foundation and its schemes fit into all the independent country regulations – or does it? And, is it doing what was intended a decade and a half ago?

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