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AU: ‘Probiotics’ on salad greens could make them safer, healthier

Photo: Shoko Muraguchi / Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

The University of Queensland: Friendly bacteria may be introduced to bagged salad leaves to help ward off the possibility of salmonella and listeria outbreaks. University of Queensland researchers have entered a partnership with Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited to investigate the proposal. The two-year, $800,000 project will use friendly lactic acid bacteria discovered at UQ and commercialised by Uniquest.

Associate Professor Mark Turner of UQ’s School of Agriculture and Food Sciences said … the project was working with friendly bacteria (named ProbiSafe) which strongly inhibit growth of Salmonella and Listeria, and provide a new, clean green alternative to prevent illness.

Read the full article at the The University of Queensland website

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  1. Fred Haskins #

    They are twenty years behind the times, EM ( Effective Microbes ) EMRO Japan have been using this technology since the 90 s.

    Some of the horticultural growers in the Sydney Basin have also used EM effectively to suppress contamination in water supplies.


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