The Fresh Produce Safety Centre Australia & New Zealand (FPSC A-NZ) is leading the conversation with Australia and New Zealand’s top horticultural growers, packers, manufacturers, retailers, supply chain experts and academics in the food safety arena.

The Centre is bringing together over 30 key influencers in Australia and New Zealand’s horticultural and innovation sectors to challenge the current thinking on fresh produce food safety compliance.

The Innovation Forum – the first of its kind in horticulture – will see industry experts be challenged by the emerging capabilities of new technologies both homegrown in Australia and New Zealand as well as from overseas.

“This forum, on Thursday 13 June, is our opportunity to delve into what the future of fresh produce food safety compliance looks like beyond 2025”, said Jessica Purbrick, Executive Officer, FPSC A-NZ.

“It is time we had this conversation across our industry and bring in the innovation experts, outside of our natural space to help us find solutions”.

We know from incidences over the last 12 months that our current system is not the best we can offer in the future. This is the starting point to change what that future looks like for horticulture, and it’s the opportunity for the industry to create that change and own it.

“We have a huge responsibility to consumers here and globally to guarantee our fresh produce is free from contaminants and tampering”.

The outcomes of this big thinking forum will inform planning and future activities. The innovation day is the first part of Australia and New Zealand’s future fresh produce food safety journey.

Forum participants include key financial supporters of the Centre: Coles, Woolworths, Metcash, Perfection Fresh, La Manna Premier, Costa Group, One Harvest, Fresh Select, T&G Global, Zespri International, Seeka, Fresh Produce Group, Freshcare, and The University of Sydney. Technology experts include; Amazon Web Service,  IBM Food Trust, Vodafone, DiUS, NGIS, HarvestMark, BiMerieux, Intela Data Science, and CHEP.

Media Contact

Jessica Purbrick, Fresh Produce Safety Centre Executive Officer, +61 439 014 188