Melbourne Presentation  –  10am, Friday 16 August 2019

Meet Professor Kevin Folta (University of Florida) to hear about new genomic treatments in berries.

As a guest of Marcus Oldham College, and co-hosted by FPSC A-NZ, Kevin will be in Melbourne on Friday 16 August 2019.

Kevin’s research focuses on:

  • Genomics of Fruit Flavours- We use strawberry as a model to identify the genes and mechanisms that control fruit traits. The goal is to develop highly-focused, gene-specific, DNA-based tools to speed traditional breeding.
  • Light Control of Plant Growth, Development and Metabolism. We are modulating key traits in fruits and vegetables using narrow bandwidth light. These non-chemical treatments allow manipulation of consumer-centric traits. Our interest is custom spectra as well as custom plants that fit a specific controlled environment.
  • Small Molecule Discovery – We have devised a clever system to identify potentially new plant growth regulators, using the plant to assemble novel molecules. This system allows us to define new chemistries as well as identify potential vulnerabilities for the design of herbicidal compounds that may have limited non-target toxicity and low environmental impact.

In particular, we will learn how new genomic treatments to manipulate consumer-centric traits will be affected by the changing climatic conditions in Australia.

More information about Kevin can be found here >

This small event will be held at 10am in Melbourne’s CBD. Please contact if you’re interested in attending or for more information.