The Fresh Produce Safety Centre Australia & New Zealand today announced that iFoodDecisionSciences (iFoodDS) has joined the FPSC as a Silver supporter.

The Chairman of the FPSC, Mr Michael Worthington, said: “It is wonderful to have fresh produce solutions providers such as iFoodDecisionSciences publicly pledging their support the FPSC, and we warmly welcome iFoodDS on board as a Silver supporter.”

“”e are seeing an increase of support over recent times, as the industry steps up its commitment to fresh produce food safety.  We are delighted that we can now count iFoodDS as an FPSC Silver supporter. The more companies that join along the supply chain, the more work the FPSC can do to promote safer fresh produce,” Mr Worthington said.

A leading provider of food supply chain safety, traceability and quality solutions for farmers, harvesters, shippers, packers, processors, distributors, retailers and foodservice,  iFoodDS’ cloud-based offerings provide advanced analytics and insights for safety, regulatory compliance and process improvements. Find out more about iFoodDecisionSciences here.

iFoodDS’ Regional Manager for Australia and New Zealand, Ilango Surendran said: “We joined the FPSC because we firmly believe that iFoodDS can provide value and knowledge in food safety technology for the produce industry and FPSC supporters. We have seen the importance and evolving change in technology to improve food safety across the supply chain. In particular, we have seen the accelerated growth and adoption of technology with the COVID-19 pandemic. We are delighted to partner with the FPSC.”

iFoodDecisionSciences will be joining the Fresh Produce Safety Centre at the Silver supporter level.