Celebrating World Food Safety Day 2021! This year’s theme is Safe Food Now for a Healthy Tomorrow. Food safety is everyone’s business, so FPSC has put together a list of 5 actions you can take today to help enhance food safety across the supply chain:


  1. Visit Freshcare at the Hort Connections Lockyer Valley Growers Expo 7 June: More
  2. Sign up for AIFST’s webinar for World Food Safety Day on 8 June: More
  3. Watch the GFSI webinar for World Food Safety Day: More
  4. Review the Center for Produce Safety’s Annual Research Symposium sessions 15, 22, 29 June and 6, 13 July: More
  5. Register for the FPSC’s Fresh Produce Safety Conference on 18 August: More 

Visit the WHO on World Food Safety Day. More.