The NZ Horticulture Conference is being held from 5-6 August 2021 at Mystery Creek, Hamilton. The conference, themed ‘Resilience and Recovery’ seeks to address the challenges and future directions of horticulture in a COVID world. With a diverse range of speakers from New Zealand and beyond, the conference aims to stimulate discussion and offer new insights and perspectives. 

Major themes include labour, climate change, freshwater, biosecurity and compliance, as well as the ongoing impact of Covid on labour, freight and cost. 

Conference Highlights:

  • Making Integrated Pest Management (IPM) work
  • Nitrogen management for sustainable vegetable production
  • Supermarkets, including the Commerce Commission’s investigation
  • How diversity can boost resilience and recovery
  • How to improve mental fitness
  • What really goes on in Parliament
  • Unpacking regenerative agriculture

Registrations are now open or for more information click here.