The FPSC invites members of industry to complete its Rapid Diagnostic Methods in the Fresh Produce Industry Survey.

The industry-wide survey is a follow up to the FPSC’s Rapid Diagnostic Methods for Foodborne Pathogens: Outlook for the Fresh Produce Industry report and aims to capture the needs and wants of industry with regards to rapid diagnostic methods, which was one of the key recommendations of the report. The survey, consisting of 22 questions, aims to collect industry response to the developing field of rapid diagnostic methods and help inform the future of rapid diagnostic methods and their place in the fresh produce industry.

The report which can be read in full report or as a summary details the state of current research on technologies for the quick identification of pathogens, identifies the most promising technologies for the fresh produce industry, and provides conclusions and recommendations including the next steps that should be taken to advance the field of rapid diagnostic methods.

Your responses in the survey will help inform the future study and development of rapid diagnostic methods in accordance with industry needs.
The rapid diagnostic methods industry survey will close at 5pm Friday, 22 October 2021 and can be accessed here (direct link: We encourage all industry members to contribute and to direct any questions to

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