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Food Safety Hub at PMA Fresh Connections, 2013

Fresh Produce Safety Australia and New Zealand (FPS A&NZ) are proud to be hosting the first Food Safety Hub along with several key organisations, at PMA Fresh Connections Conference and Trade Show in Sydney this year. The Food Safety Hub will be one-stop-shop providing information for delegates wanting to know more about food safety for fresh produce.
“The Food Safety Hub aims to raise awareness of food safety and traceability among all stakeholders of the Australian and New Zealand fresh produce industry.” said Michael Worthington, CEO PMA A-NZ.
He went on to say ” This collaborative effort demonstrates a commitment to food safety and highlights how important food safety and traceability are for all businesses in the fresh produce supply chain”.
FPS A&NZ are excited to announce that along with FPS A&NZ representatives, several key organisations will be contributing to the success of the Food Safety Hub including:

AUSQUAL Pty Ltd. – A certification body accredited by JAS-ANZ, providing quality management and food safety (HACCP) management systems.
Freshcare – Australia’s on farm assurance program offering training, implementation, certification and support programs.
GS1 Australia – Administers the global GS1 System of supply chain standards in Australia across 22 industry sectors, including the launch of the new GS1 GoScan iPhone App providing consumers with authorised and trusted food product information, and the new GS1DataBar to improve management of fresh foods.
NCS International – Offering businesses certification, risk management, business improvement and assurance.
SAI Global – Providing information services and solutions for managing risk, achieving compliance and driving business improvement.
SGS Australia – A global company, provide industry leading inspection, verification, testing and certification services.
TQA Australia – Key management consultants to agribusiness in Australia, providing advice in a range of disciplines including food safety and quality assurance, environmental assurance, occupational health and safety, strategic planning and professional development.

FPS A&NZ will provide you with:

access to research in fresh produce safety,
allow you to identify food safety research priorities and
updates on the aims of the initiative of a collaborative paradigm to fresh produce safety.

“Fresh produce safety and traceability applies to all aspects of the supply chain in the fruit and vegetable industry, including growers, packers, processors, wholesalers, fresh produce retailers and distributors, ” said Robyn McConchie, University of Sydney, “all of which have a responsibility to supply consumers with food that is healthy and safe.”

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Dr Bob Whitaker’s Key Learnings from the CPS Wash Water Symposium

Dr Bob Whitaker, Chief Science & Technology Officer, PMA and Chair of the CPS Technical Committee, has made available his key learnings from The Wash Water Symposium at the Center for Produce Safety UC Davis that occurred in January this year.
To view the Key Learnings by Bob Whitaker please click here.
The symposium, was also attended by Australian representatives Dr Robyn McConchie (HoD Plant and Food Sciences, FAE, Usyd) and Mr Michael Worthington (CEO PMA A-NZ). To read more about the event, and to find the key learnings Robyn McConchie provided please click here.

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Water Sanitation and Validation: Workshop Summary and Presentations.

In January 2013 Associate Professor Robyn McConchie (HoD Plant and Food Sciences, University of Sydney) and Mr Michael Worthington (CEO of PMA A-NZ) attended the Wash Water Sanitation and Validation Workshop held at the Center for Produce Safety CPS) in conjunction with the Institute for Food Safety and Health, Illinois Institute of Technology.
The workshop provided  an update on the latest research in wash water sanitation for all stakeholders, and drew attention on the participant’s experience to identify needs for research and training. Over 130 industry stakeholders from all parts of the supply chain attended, which indicates just how important this food safety topic is to the fresh produce industry.
Guest speakers included Bob Brackett, IIFSH, Devon Zagory, Zagory and Associates, Karan Khurana,  Pulse Instruments and Drew McDonald, Danaco Solutions.
Associate Professor Robyn McConchie (HoD Plant and Food Sciences, University of Sydney) has provided us with the key take home messages from the presentations.
Download Robyn’s key messages here.
Devon Zagary’s presentation addressed the quality of wash water, the role and choice of disinfectants, the variables to monitor, and definition of critical control point, validation and verification.
Download Devon’s presentation here.
Karan Khurana described some of the wash water systems that are available, ways in which to monitor and verify the system and variables that impact the system.
Download Karan’s presentation here.
Drew McDonald reminded the audience of the critical opportunities and challenges  they have encountered with wash water systems, and the critical questions the industry needs to address.
Download Drew’s presentation here.

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