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US: Blockchain webinar: Discover the possibilities

PMA: Blockchain continues to be a hot topic, and it has developed beyond pilot programs to practical applications in the industry. In a recent webinar, we discussed how blockchain is being used today by retailers, grower-shippers and technology solution providers. This webinar includes: A recap of what blockchain is; How blockchain is being utilized to address today’s supply chain issues; and Opportunities, challenges and recommendations to get started with a blockchain program.

US: IBM Food Trust Expands Blockchain Network to Foster a Safer, More Transparent and Efficient Global Food System

New York Business Journal: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced growing adoption of its food supply chain network, IBM Food Trust. The blockchain-based cloud network offers participating retailers, suppliers, growers and food industry providers with data from across the food ecosystem to enable greater traceability, transparency and efficiency. The network is now generally available after 18 months in testing, during which millions of individual food products have been tracked by retailers and suppliers.

AU: How to tamper-proof Australia’s $44 billion food export trade

Australian Financial Review: Food trust and safety is as much an economic opportunity for our country as it is a risk. We stand to benefit from a growing middle class looking for premium products steeped in narrative. Yet that same narrative could see Australia become a victim of the growing fake-food problem. Given our economy’s reliance on agriculture, we need to move quickly to get our fill.

US: Walmart Demands Salad Growers Use Blockchain for Food Safety

Yahoo! Finance: Walmart has advised its fresh, leafy greens producers to use blockchain technology to trace the movement of their products under its food traceability initiative, and to have all systems in place about one year from now, according to the company’s website.

A letter to its suppliers noted the U.S. has suffered a multi-state outbreak of E coli linked to romaine lettuce, resulting in 210 confirmed cases, 96 hospitalizations and five deaths. Blockchain technology will make product information available in real-time throughout the supply chain from farm to table.