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AU/NZ: FPSC conference – Earlybird registration now open

Fresh Produce Safety Conference 2018
Wednesday, September 26, 2018
The University of Sydney, Australia

The fifth annual conference of the Fresh Produce Safety Centre Australia and New Zealand, will be held at the University of Sydney, Australia, on the 26th of September 2018.

THEME: Food Safety – It’s your responsibility

VENUE: New venue – Veterinary Science Conference Centre

PROGRAM: Major food safety issues affecting our industry

View the program and other resources from our successful 2017 conference.

Registration prices:

Earlybird* – $195
Standard – $250
*(Earlybird registration available until 16 August)

Discounts are available for sponsors


US: America’s enduring failure to prevent food-borne illness

Emily Atkin / The New Republic: The CDC’s green light to eat romaine again may have marked the end of the lettuce crisis in consumers’ minds, but the situation is far from over. The agency and the FDA are still investigating why and how a dangerous strand of E. coli wound up contaminating lettuce in Yuma. No single grower, harvester, processor, or distributor has been blamed, and investigators are still unsure whether contamination happened during the growing, washing, chopping, or bagging process.

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AU: Woolworths, Coles and Aldi sliced mushrooms recalled over potential plastic hazard

ABC News: Punnets of sliced white and brown mushrooms are being recalled from across the country due to the potential presence of large pieces of white plastic.

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AU: Frozen vegetables recall over fears of potential contamination not expected to generate consumer backlash

NSW Country Hour: Simplot, the largest Australian manufacturer of frozen vegetables, is confident consumers here will not be put off buying the local product in the wake of the recall of imported frozen vegetables announced on Monday.

Read the full article at the NSW Country Hour website

AU: Consumer alert: frozen vegetable product recalls

Food Standards Australia New Zealand: FSANZ today [9/07/2018] warned vulnerable people to check their freezers for recalled frozen vegetable products that are possibly contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

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HU: Company stops production at frozen vegetable, fruit facility

Joe Whitworth / Food Safety News: Production is on hold at the Hungarian plant of the company linked to a deadly outbreak of Listeria monocytogenes from frozen vegetables in five European countries.

A spokesperson for Greenyard, a producer of fresh, frozen and prepared fruit and vegetables, told Food Safety News that the company is awaiting more data, information and analysis from the local authorities and EFSA (the European Food Safety Authority). The company is looking into alternative sourcing possibilities to supply customers.

Read the full article at the Food Safety News website

US: Texas officials report dozens sick from parasitic infections

Photo: Melanie Moser / US CDCP

Food Safety News: Texas officials warned the public Monday about a seasonal increase in infections from Cyclospora parasites, reporting there have been 56 confirmed cases since the beginning of May.

Neither this week’s outbreak notice nor a June 21 health advisory from the Texas State Department of Health Services (DSHS) referenced an ongoing cyclosporiasis outbreak in four other states. At least 185 people are infected in that outbreak, which is associated with trays of pre-cut fresh vegetables from Del Monte.

Further information:

AU: Melon industry aims to win back consumers in six steps

Great Lakes Advocate: The melon industry is looking to win back consumers through a six stage process after a Listeriosis outbreak earlier this year. Together with Hort Innovation,  the industry launched a six-pronged initiative to combat foodborne illness risks and support the sustainability of the melon industry.

Read the full article at the Great Lakes Advocate website

CA: Canadian study finds majority of teenagers need food safety education

New Food Magazine: A new study has uncovered a low level of awareness among youth around the proper precautions they need to take when it comes to handling food. The research from the University of Waterloo in Canada measured 32 different food-handling behaviours among Ontario high school students in grades 10 to 12 (around 15 to 18).

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US: Dallas greenhouse growers say their leafy greens are safer

Food Safety News: Promoting its leafy greens as cleaner and safer for the planet and people, Eden Green Technology has struck a deal with Walmart to market its produce, which is grown without soil in vertical racks in greenhouses.

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