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Fresh Produce Safety Centre announces two new FPSC Directors

The Board of Directors of the Fresh Produce Safety Centre Australia & New Zealand (FPSC) today announced the appointment of two new Directors, confirmed at its AGM held on 25 November 2020.
The Chairman of the FPSC, Mr. Michael Worthington, said: “From a strong field of applicants, we are delighted to welcome Dr. Andreas Klieber (Managing Director of Quality Associates) and Deon Mahoney (Head of Food Safety at PMA Australia-New Zealand) to the Board.  Their extensive experience and skillsets will fit in extremely well with the existing Board members as we continue FPSC’s important role in further enhancing food safety in the fresh produce sectors in Australia and New Zealand.”
Dr. Andreas Klieber
Deon Mahoney
The Board thanked the applicants for the two Board vacancies and the outgoing FPSC Directors, Darren Keating and Dr. Anthony Kachenko.
Mr. Keating was replaced by Mr. Mahoney as the director representing PMA and Dr. Kachenko retired by rotation and elected not to re-stand due to other commitments.
Chairman, Mr. Worthington, said: “We thank both Darren and Anthony for their significant contributions over recent years to the FPSC and their involvement in the reset of FPSC’s strategy in 2019.”

Further information about the Board of the FPSC A&NZ:


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Fresh Produce Safety Centre announces ALDI as a Gold supporter

The Fresh Produce Safety Centre Australia & New Zealand (FPSC) today announced that ALDI has joined the FPSC as a Gold supporter.

The Chairman of the FPSC, Mr Michael Worthington, said: “We are thrilled to have ALDI join the FPSC and we warmly welcome them on board. Having ALDI as an FPSC supporter expands our industry engagement, particularly in the all-important fresh produce retail space. We now have support from a very high percentage of the retail sector, providing us with strong platform to ensure that food safety in fresh produce is paramount from the farm right through to the consumer.”

“The support that ALDI is providing the FPSC demonstrates that the industry values the work we are doing. It also demonstrates the high importance that the fresh produce industry places on food safety,” Mr Worthington said.

ALDI’s Quality Assurance Director, Mr Scott Tyler, said: “ALDI’s emphasis is on providing safe, high quality fresh produce. We see the value that the FPSC is providing to the whole industry in promoting and enhancing food safety. We also believe that the FPSC has an important role to play in increasing business emphasis on promoting a culture of food safety across the board – from mum and dad growers right through to the major retailers like ALDI.”

“We are looking forward to working with the team at the FPSC on a range of issues relating to fresh produce safety. What the FPSC is striving for aligns with our own ethos: safe fresh produce, 365 days a year,” added Scott.

ALDI Australia opened its first stores in January 2001 at Bankstown Airport and Marrickville, with a core range of 600 products supplied by 174 business partners. Today ALDI operates more than 550 stores in six states and territories, directly employing more than 13,000 people and working with Australian business partners each day. Since opening in 2001, ALDI has contributed an estimated $23 billion to Australia’s gross domestic product. Find more about ALDI here.

ALDI will be joining the Fresh Produce Safety Centre at the Gold supporter level.

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FPSC announces iFoodDecisionSciences as a Silver supporter

The Fresh Produce Safety Centre Australia & New Zealand today announced that iFoodDecisionSciences (iFoodDS) has joined the FPSC as a Silver supporter.

The Chairman of the FPSC, Mr Michael Worthington, said: “It is wonderful to have fresh produce solutions providers such as iFoodDecisionSciences publicly pledging their support the FPSC, and we warmly welcome iFoodDS on board as a Silver supporter.”

“”e are seeing an increase of support over recent times, as the industry steps up its commitment to fresh produce food safety.  We are delighted that we can now count iFoodDS as an FPSC Silver supporter. The more companies that join along the supply chain, the more work the FPSC can do to promote safer fresh produce,” Mr Worthington said.

A leading provider of food supply chain safety, traceability and quality solutions for farmers, harvesters, shippers, packers, processors, distributors, retailers and foodservice,  iFoodDS’ cloud-based offerings provide advanced analytics and insights for safety, regulatory compliance and process improvements. Find out more about iFoodDecisionSciences here.

iFoodDS’ Regional Manager for Australia and New Zealand, Ilango Surendran said: “We joined the FPSC because we firmly believe that iFoodDS can provide value and knowledge in food safety technology for the produce industry and FPSC supporters. We have seen the importance and evolving change in technology to improve food safety across the supply chain. In particular, we have seen the accelerated growth and adoption of technology with the COVID-19 pandemic. We are delighted to partner with the FPSC.”

iFoodDecisionSciences will be joining the Fresh Produce Safety Centre at the Silver supporter level.

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Fresh Produce Safety Centre welcomes APAL

The Fresh Produce Safety Centre Australia & New Zealand today announced that APAL has joined the FPSC as a supporter.

The Chairman of the FPSC, Mr Michael Worthington, said: “We are delighted to welcome APAL to the FPSC.” 

“In these difficult times, it is vitally important that the industry redoubles its commitment to the safety of fresh produce – and that’s what APAL has done by joining the FPSC. APAL, as the peak industry body representing apple and pear growers across Australia, has demonstrated its leadership in food safety through supporting the FPSC,” Mr Worthington said.

APAL – Apple and Pear Australia Limited – is the national representative for Australia’s $600 million apple and pear industry, and the owner of the Pink Lady® brand in over 100 countries. Find out more about APAL here.

APAL’s CEO Philip Turnbull said: “We are proud to come on board as a supporter of the FPSC. The FPSC’s work aligns with our commitment to ensuring consumers continue to trust and enjoy the quality and safety of the food they buy.”


APAL will be joining the Fresh Produce Safety Centre at the Bronze supporter level.

The Fresh Produce Safety Centre’s supporters are:

Platinum Supporters: PMA Australia-New Zealand Limited | The University of Sydney | Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd | Woolworths Ltd

Gold Supporters: AUSVEG | Freshcare Limited

Silver Supporters: Costa Group | Fresh Select | Harris Farm Markets Pty Ltd | Horticulture New Zealand | Perfection Fresh Australia Pty Ltd | Seeka | United Fresh New Zealand | Zespri International

Bronze Supporters: APAL | GS1 Australia | Harvest Moon | MG Marketing and LaManna | Metcash Food and Grocery | OneHarvest | PM Fresh Pty Limited | Symbio Laboratories

Conference Partners: Agriculture Victoria | Fresh Markets Australia | AUS-QUAL

Find out about how join the FPSC as a supporter here.

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