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AU: FPSC’s first professional development event a resounding success

The first professional development event held by the Fresh Produce Safety Centre (FPSC) in Sydney has passed with flying colours, according to the participants.

The events are designed by FPSC to provide industry with in-depth understanding of specific fresh produce food safety issues.

This first event tackled the complex area of fresh produce chemical and microbial testing, with eight speakers—from grower, wholesale, retail, regulatory and research—identifying the purpose and value of the different types of testing.

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NZ: Fresh Produce Safety Centre endorsed at Hawke’s Bay events

21 March 2016
Support for the Trans-Tasman Fresh Produce Safety Centre (FPSC) was clearly demonstrated in New Zealand in February this year when over forty representatives from the fresh produce industry attended events held by the Centre in Hawke’s Bay.

Following the FPSC Board’s quarterly meeting, around 30 QA/food safety people gathered to hear a review of the Centre’s recent activities, plans for further Australia and New Zealand collaboration on food safety and an update on New Zealand issues from HortNZ. Attendees raised a number of issues of importance to the industry in New Zealand.

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AU: Tests results associate more people with recalled salads

FPSC: Cases of Salmonella anatum illness associated with salads recalled by Tripod Farmers on the 4th February have increased. While there are potentially more cases to emerge through ongoing testing during the follow up, it is expected that the rate of new cases that will be associated with this event has peaked and will start to decline.  The use-by-date of any affected products has expired and the incubation time for symptoms to emerge is nearing the end.  So far 10 cases have been confirmed with another 200 cases with probable association.

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AU: Media Statement in response to the salad recalled for Salmonella

The recall of pre-packaged salad brands has been thorough, swift and effective according to the Produce Marketing Association and the Fresh Produce Safety Centre (FPSC). Richard Bennett (FPSC Technology Manager) said while this isolated and unfortunate incident has occurred that consumers can be confident that ready-to-eat salads on retail shelves are safe and healthy.

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AU: Pre-packaged salad recalled for Salmonella

The fresh produce industry is working quickly to assist with a recall of pre-packaged salad brands associated with an outbreak of Salmonella illnesses.

Richard Bennett, Technology Manager from the Produce Marketing Association A-NZ and Fresh Produce Safety Centre (FPSC) said it’s now important that consumers heed the advice of health authorities and either discard the product or return it to the place of purchase. “If in doubt, throw it out” was the advice of Mr Bennett.

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AU/NZ: FPSC welcomes new board member

‘We are delighted to announce that Roger Gilbertson has accepted our invitation to join the Board of FPSC,’ said FPSC Chair, Michael Worthington.

Roger appreciates how the role enables him to take a step back from implementing market/customer assurance programs (including food safety) and looks to shaping the role food safety plays in the bigger fresh produce picture. ‘In particular, I want to ensure the risks for the fresh produce sector are well understood, and programs are efficiently implemented in line with managing these risks,’ Roger said.

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AU/NZ: Guidelines for Fresh Produce Food Safety

The Fresh Produce Safety Centre (FPSC) Australia & New Zealand launched their much anticipated Guidelines for Fresh Produce Food Safety at the University of Sydney on 11 August 2015.

The new guidelines provide Australian and New Zealand fresh produce industries with up-to-date information on assessing and managing food safety risks, incorporating the latest in scientific research and industry experience.

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Fresh Produce Safety Centre welcomes two new supporters

The Fresh Produce Safety Centre welcomes two businesses as new supporters of the Centre: Fresh Markets Australia and the Freshmax Group.

“We are delighted to welcome Freshmax and Fresh Markets Australia to our growing supporter base,” said FPSC Chairman Michael Worthington.

“It is by the fresh produce industry coming together and working collaboratively that we will be able to achieve our mission of enhancing fresh produce food safety through research, outreach and education,” he said.

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Fresh Produce Safety Centre marks its first year of operation

The Fresh Produce Safety Centre celebrates its first anniversary today.

“We are delighted that the FPSC has reached this significant milestone and we look forward to consolidating and expanding our work around fresh produce safety in Australia and New Zealand,” said FPSC Chairman and CEO of PMA A-NZ, Michael Worthington.

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Provider announced to conduct “understanding the gaps” food safety literature review project

The Fresh Produce Safety Centre (FPSC) has announced that a joint proposal – from TQA Australia Inc, RMCG, and the Institute of Environmental Science and Research in New Zealand, in concert with the Food Safety Centre at the University of Tasmania – has been selected as the successful bid for the “Understanding the Gaps” literature review of fresh produce safety research.

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