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Posts from the ‘Microbial Contamination’ Category

AU: Melon industry aims to win back consumers in six steps

Great Lakes Advocate: The melon industry is looking to win back consumers through a six stage process after a Listeriosis outbreak earlier this year. Together with Hort Innovation,  the industry launched a six-pronged initiative to combat foodborne illness risks and support the sustainability of the melon industry.

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US: Growers share food safety wish lists at Forbes AgTech Summit

Ashley Nickle / The Packer: SALINAS, Calif. – Better pathogen detection or a kill step would help growers sleep better at night, executives from two leafy greens companies said during a Forbes AgTech Summit panel June 27.

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US: Canal water likely source of E. coli in romaine-related outbreak

Coral Beach / Food Safety News: Federal officials say contaminated canal water near romaine lettuce growing fields is the likely source...

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AU: How the latest food recall affects you

Rachel Clemons / Choice: Seven people have been hospitalised and 14 more are sick with Salmonella poisoning after eating contaminated alfalfa sprouts sold in South Australia.

Check here for details of the food product affected, why it’s being recalled, who’s at risk and what you need to do to stay safe.

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AU: Making sure floors meet HACCP Standard Putting in place an effective Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) food safety management plan has become a central priority for any facility involved in the production, processing or storage of food and beverage produce.

This preventive risk assessment system ensures that all food safety hazards are assessed and that appropriate controls are put in place to eliminate or reduce contamination.

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US: Outbreaks bring sense of urgency to food safety symposium

Chris Kroger / The Packer: CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The backgrounds of scientists and their areas of focus at the Center for Produce Safety’s ninth annual symposium were certainly diverse, but presentation after presentation laid down a basic message: shared knowledge is critical.

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AU: Can reusable shopping bags make us sick?

Photo: Aaron Warren / BY-ND 2.0)

Helen Yuk / The days of flimsy plastic shopping bags floating around the place are over. People all around Australia are going to have to start remembering to bring reusable bags with them when they go to the supermarket – or buy bags once they’re there.

But for years, stories have been circulating about the amount of bacteria found in reusable shopping bags. Is it safe to reuse the same bags for groceries over and over?

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AU: Schreurs & Sons receive Excellence in R&D Adoption award for electrolysed water system

Congratulations to Schreurs & Sons on being awarded the AUSVEG VIC Award for Excellence in R&D Adoption. In the video below, Chris Schreur (Director, Business and ...

Photo: © RMCG / Youtube

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AU: Hepatitis A death linked to frozen pomegranate recall

ABC News: A South Australian woman has died after contracting hepatitis A from recalled frozen pomegranate. SA Health chief medical officer and chief public health officer Professor Paddy Phillips revealed the 64-year-old woman died last Wednesday after "some time" in hospital.

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US: Romaine crisis creates anxiety for local farmers, but false claims about food safety hurt the industry

Fresh Fruit Portal: Very often the produce industry can be its own worst enemy. Because the crop is perishable and few growers are national or global producers, there is a constant desire to differentiate various growing regions.

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