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UK: Updated advice on businesses on protecting food and drink supply

Food Standards Agency: Revised guidance has been published for businesses on how to improve protections for food and drink supply. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) and the British Standards Institute have today published a revised guide for food businesses on how to improve protections for food and drink supply.

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CH: Food safety in a globalised world

Swiss Re: Has the number of recalls really increased? Is the severity of these recalls rising? How safe is food today in general? These were the questions we asked ourselves as far back as 2001, when the issue first appeared on our radar screen and we started working on it.

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US: Research uncovers consumer values influencing food decisions

PR Newswire: Taste, price and convenience are no longer the sole deciding factors when people buy food and beverages, according to a new study, from Deloitte, Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA).

The study, "Capitalizing on the Shifting Consumer Food Value Equation," found that roughly half of Americans surveyed (51 percent) weigh "evolving drivers" – health and wellness, safety, social impact, experience and transparency – in their purchasing decisions, in addition to the "traditional drivers" of taste, price and convenience. Moreover, this occurs regardless of demographic factors.

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US: Consumer definition of food safety expanded, study finds

Associations Now: Health and wellness, safety, social impact, experience, and transparency are all factors 51 percent of consumers weigh when determining which food items to purchase, according to a joint study from the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), Food Marketing Institute (FMI), and consulting firm Deloitte. The study, “Capitalizing on the Shifting Consumer Food Value Equation,” found these new factors influence purchasing decisions in addition to traditional drivers like taste, price, and convenience.

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The #1 reason we bother with food safety? Because consumers demand it!, writes Richard Bennett

Consumers rank food safety at the supermarket as number 1. As suppliers, we often don’t give food safety the profile in our businesses that reflects this ranking, probably because we are focussed on price and quality. Consumers take a long time to forgive a food safety incident, which is why we must be so diligent to get food safety right.
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Agents of Foodborne Illness

Food Standards Australia & New Zealand: Agents of Foodborne Illness is a technical publication for the food industry, food safety consultants and food regulators. It contains information about pathogens that cause foodborne illness including:

· growth and survival characteristics

· symptoms of disease

· virulence factors
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