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US: Keeping it safe and traceable throughout the food supply chain

Smart Brief: Connecting with consumers is becoming increasingly important as digital distractions increase and shoppers spread their budgets across multiple trips to the store. And while food retailers are constantly seeking new ways to connect with shoppers via mobile channels and inside the stores, there is another piece of the puzzle that is somewhat less glamorous but just as important — food safety.

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AU: Electronic recall system receives HACCP certification

Food Processing: GS1 Australia’s electronic product recall notification management system has received certification from HACCP Australia. The Recall service — designed to minimise the impact and cost of food and beverage products recalled and withdrawn from the supply chain — has been certified as ‘effective and suitable for businesses that operate a HACCP based Food Safety Programme’.

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UK: A detailed [product recall] plan of action

The Business Continuity Institute: As product recalls increasingly dominate the headlines, Vince Shiers explains why careful planning is critical to ensuring companies are primed to respond no matter what the circumstances.

Product recalls are never far from the headlines. In our experience, if a company doesn’t have a recall plan before a recall incident, they will make sure they have one afterwards.

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US: Product recalls rise with better detection and fewer suppliers

New York Times: Frozen peas that could make you sick. A water heater that might explode. Cars with steering wheels that were prone to fail and cause a crash. Those are just a few of the thousands of products that manufacturers have recalled this year — and the deluge shows no sign of slowing. Across almost every product category, the scope and complexity of recalls are on the rise.

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UK: Silence is far from golden

The Business Continuity Institute: Farzad Henareh explains how an effectively managed product recall event can serve to enhance brand loyalty, but preparation and constant communication are key.

In the past, companies have been reluctant to enter the recall process, worried that their brand will suffer by being associated with a problem. In fact, the opposite is now true, and if a recall is handled efficiently and quickly customers will understand the situation and may even be impressed by the quality of customer service.

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AU: Detailed labelling helps food safety, says Fortescue’s Forrest

The Australian: Fortescue Metals chairman ­Andrew Forrest has called for improved labelling of world food products, particularly those sold to China, to encourage more production of safe food. Speaking at a panel on agriculture at the Boao Forum for Asia on China’s Hainan Island yesterday, Mr Forrest said Chinese leaders were deeply concerned at the quality of the products that were going into their drugs and food.

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AU: Media Statement in response to the salad recalled for Salmonella

The recall of pre-packaged salad brands has been thorough, swift and effective according to the Produce Marketing Association and the Fresh Produce Safety Centre (FPSC). Richard Bennett (FPSC Technology Manager) said while this isolated and unfortunate incident has occurred that consumers can be confident that ready-to-eat salads on retail shelves are safe and healthy.

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CA: How to improve brand protection and increase consumer trust

Global Food Safety Resource: What kinds of events can hurt or destroy food companies? A food safety or food fraud event that sickens or kills people, depending on where the event occurs, can deal a damaging or fatal blow to a food company. When it comes to protecting brands against food safety and food fraud, totally different approaches are required.

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US: Faster checkout with invisible barcodes? New Seasons will give it a try

Oregon Live: Nearly everything on supermarket shelves comes with a barcode. Those black-and-white lines make checkout straightforward and reliably consistent. Not necessarily fast, though. Those tiny barcodes often take a second or two for scanners to locate, even with skilled checkers running them across the scanner.

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AU: Barcodes: benefits, usage & getting it right

Food Magazine: A product’s barcode is a vital aspect of its manufacture, enabling traceability within the supply chain and facilitating the smooth flow of goods. Poor quality barcodes can cause severe disruption to the supply chain, as well as impacting efficient product replenishment.

This infographic provides a best practice guide for Australian companies for successful barcode application.

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