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Food Safety Culture

Food safety culture is the shared values, beliefs and norms that affect mindset and behaviour toward food safety in, across and throughout an organisation.

Food safety research states that food safety culture maturity can be attributed/measured by five key areas within an organisation.

These are:

  • Communication (between employees)
  • Enabling conditions (company rules)
  • Organisational attitudes (compatible food safety values between QA team and management)
  • Company vision (vision compatible with food safety)
  • Food safety priorities (people, training, health & safety).

Measuring Food Safety Culture: The Centre is attempting to better understand food safety culture in the Australian and New Zealand fresh produce sector.

We’re asking fresh produce food safety practitioners, business owners and auditors to rank each organisation on a one to five metric to create a baseline assessment of food safety culture. In 12-24 months we wish to measure against the baseline data to determine if food safety culture in fresh produce is improving.