FPSC 2025 Innovation Agenda

The FPSC 2025 Innovation Agenda focuses on transformational risk management in fresh produce food safety by tapping into indigenous and global talent within fresh produce, the research community, and the technology and innovation experts outside our natural space to help find solutions.

Under the FPSC 2025 Innovation Agenda we aim to ask – and answer – the challenging questions to strive towards safer food in New Zealand and Australia.

2025 Innovation Agenda Projects:

Review of the Audit Process

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FPSC 2025 Innovation Agenda: Review of the Audit Process (Summary)
FPSC 2025 Innovation Agenda: Review of the Audit Process (Full Report)

The FPSC, with the assistance of industry professionals and their networks, conducted a study of thirteen food safety schemes and certification bodies in Oceania, the Americas, United Kingdom and Europe to determine what innovations are being applied in our region and elsewhere in the world to improve the current audit process.

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Rapid Diagnostics

The second project under FPSC’s 2025 Innovation Agenda is rapid diagnostics. The aim of this project is to use technology forecasting to prioritise R&D for rapid diagnostics for common pathogens in fresh produce.