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Industry Guidelines

Photo: DC Central Kitchen / Flickr, CC BY 2.0

The Guidelines for Fresh Produce Food Safety is a new essential resource for growers, packers, wholesalers, retailers, trainers, consultants, auditors, standard owners and regulators, ensuring greater certainty and consistency in the development, implementation and auditing of fresh produce food safety programs.

The Guidelines includes information and tools for use across the fresh produce value chain for Australia and New Zealand. FPSC’s consultation with the fresh produce industry identified this as a high priority investment.

The immediate benefits to the fresh produce industries in Australia and New Zealand is an up-to-date reference resource that supports the harmonisation of food safety practices and programs.


Download the Guidelines PDF


Download PDF to print


The FPSC welcomes feedback, comments or corrections on the Guidelines, please get in touch.

Funding permitting, the FPSC would like to commission expert review and revision of the Guidelines on a regular basis. If you have found the Guidelines useful in your organisation and might be able to contribute towards a revision process, please contact us.

Project Supporters

Platinum Sponsors

“Woolworths is committed to ensuring the highest standard of food safety for its customers and takes pride in sourcing safe and high-quality fresh produce. Therefore, Woolworths proudly supports the Fresh Produce Safety Centre and key projects such as the revision of the ‘Guidelines for On-Farm Food Safety for Fresh Produce’. This type of initiative will help to ensure continuous improvement and best practice in food safety for the fresh produce industry.”

DPI FA logo
“Food safety associated with fresh produce is of growing significance at home and internationally. The NSW Food Authority supports the Fresh Produce Safety Centre research program which aims to provide revised food safety guidance and risk management solutions for both small farmers and major grower and packaging operations.”

Gold Sponsor

“Freshcare is proud to be a founding supporter of the Fresh Produce Safety Centre and a supporter of the Guidelines project, contributing to food safety outcomes throughout the fresh produce supply chain. A uniform and consistent approach is essential in all aspects of food safety implementation and management, but never more so than in the science that underpins everything we do. The Fresh Produce Safety Centre’s project to revise and update the Guidelines will ensure a practical, science-based resource is available to all.”

Silver Sponsors

n2n Global Logo
“N2N Global, as a leading provider of software and services to the food industry, is proud to be a sponsor for updating the Guidelines for On-Farm Food Safety for Fresh Produce. We believe this is an important initiative which will provide new knowledge and experience, and make an enduring contribution to improving fresh produce food safety and quality in Australia and New Zealand.”

Fresh Select supplied by Carolyn
“Australians value local, quality and most importantly safe produce. As farmers supplying Australian supermarkets, Fresh Select suppliers are committed to ensuring exactly that. Now more than ever the responsibility to manage food safety is paramount for every Australian farmer and the opportunity to understand how we can improve on best practice is one that has significant worth for our business. We feel strongly about the freshness, quality and sustainability of the brassicas and lettuces we grow; and now with the resources made available we can confidently demonstrate high food safety standards for Australians to depend on and trust.”

AUS-QUAL Cert Mark_Plain
“AUS-QUAL is an industry-owned Certification Body committed to safe food production and to maintain the integrity of fresh produce throughout the value chain. This Australia-New Zealand initiative by the Fresh Produce Safety Centre is fully endorsed by AUS-QUAL. The guidelines will provide direction and confidence in the implementation and auditing of standards, which will keep the reputation of Australia and New Zealand at the forefront for both national and international customers and consumers. This project will underpin best practice along entire the supply chain. AUS-QUAL, therefore, is proud to be a sponsor in support of the Horticulture industry.”

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