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Review of the Audit Process – Industry Online Workshop

Main image credit: J. Ekman

Date/Time: Tuesday 1 December 2020, 9.00am-11.00am AEDT via Zoom

Purpose: The workshop follows the release of the FPSC’s 2025 Innovation Agenda Review on the Audit Process report. Industry stakeholders have been submitting comments on the report and giving us their views on the top five areas ripe for innovation in the world of auditing.

The interactive workshop will explore these top areas for innovation and prioritise areas for action.


Objectives of the meeting, Michael Worthington, Chairman FPSC and Overview of FPSC Report and Recommendations, Emma Walters, Executive Officer, FPSC

Technology Panel:

Use of technology to offer blended or remote audits, Todd Redwood Global Food and Retail Supply Chain Operations and Compliance Director, BSI Group

AI and audit integrity algorithms, Jochen Kleboth, Head of Data and Business Analytics, Intact

End-to-end automation of the audit process, Dr Harry van Enckevort, Science & Technology Advisor, AsureQuality


Risk and Culture Panel:

Unannounced audits – value and challenges, Fiona Grime, General Manager Compliance, Freshcare

Food safety culture, Dr Sharon Jones, General Manager Technical, OneHarvest


Interactive prioritisation sessions:

Break into two groups (technology / risk and culture) to determine priorities and next steps.

Breakout Group Report-backs, summary and action items


Todd Redwood

Todd has been helping food-related businesses deliver safe, sustainable and socially responsible food around the world for 30 years. Originally a chef and adult educator, Todd joined BSI Group in 2013 serving various general management roles in Australia, covering food, supply chain and operations. As the Asia Pacific Director of Food based in Singapore, he was responsible for driving BSI’s food sector market entry and growth strategy as well as relationship and resource management across the region.

Having returned to Sydney as Global Food and Retail Supply Chain Operations and Compliance Director, Todd is responsible for leading all operations, compliance and governance aspects relating to the Food Sector assurance and training business of BSI. Todd is the Chairman of the IIOC Food College acting as a representative on various international committees and groups.

Dr Jochen Kleboth

For more than 15 years, Jochen has been a noteworthy contributor to the food certification analytics space. Jochen holds a degree in food safety and biotechnology and works and researches at the intersection of food audit management and the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Jochen works at Intact GmbH (Austria, Vienna) as Head of Data and Business Analytics with key players in the food safety certification market like SQFI and IFS. In his work, he develops software solutions to analyse audit data for risk-based audit management and integrity management for food business operators, standard setters, and certification bodies. He has published and continues to publish academic work in the field of risk-based audit management and has been honoured with academic awards for his contribution to risk-based audit management.

Dr Harry van Enckevort

Dr Harry van EnckevortDr Harry van Enckevort is a Science and Technology Advisor to AsureQuality Ltd, leading the process to identify and bring relevant new science, technology and digital applications into the organisation, its strategies and planning.

Harry takes a futuristic horizon view.   He has a science background, scans and reads broadly to keep abreast of innovation and venture capital flow, and has an extensive network of science, tech and digital partners.

A diversity in previous roles and networks across diverse geographies, sectors, industries and regulators, underpins his “What’s needed?” and “What’s possible?” views of customer solutions in a transforming world.

Fiona Grime

Fiona GrimeFiona Grime is the General Manager – Compliance for Freshcare Limited. Freshcare is the largest Australian assurance program, specialising in food safety, quality, environmental and sustainability certification and Standards development. Freshcare is industry owned and established to meet the needs of Australian producers in fulfilling both domestic and global market requirements. Freshcare Food Safety & Quality certification provides the evidence that the Australian horticulture industry actively operates to a robust, globally benchmarked food safety program.

Fiona’s background is varied, having held roles through FMCG, certification and food safety auditing. She holds a bachelor of Applied Science (Food Technology) and Master Business (Quality Management), as well as a number of other qualifications.

Dr Sharon Jones

Dr Sharon JonesSharon Jones has broad global experience with over 25 years in the Food Industry.  Developing, implementing & maintaining Food Safety Management Systems supported by commercial understanding and focus on the demand of changing legislation and customer expectations. Servicing clients including the United Nations, British Ministry of Defence, Australian and International retailers.

Dr Jones graduated from University of Queensland, with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Food Technology) and PhD (Food Science Management), graduated from Deakin University with a Master of Business Administration and the University of New England with Graduate Diploma in Education (Science). Currently working with OneHarvest, who are the leaders in fresh produce in Australia. OneHarvest are a third generation family owned company who have been serving Australian families with fresh salads for over 35 years.

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Webinar – Innovation Agenda: Opportunities to Improve the Audit Process

Date and Time: 10-11am (AEDT), Tuesday 10 March 2020

Webinar – Innovation Agenda: Opportunities to Improve the Audit Process – a view from Lucy MacLennan from Red Tractor

Presented by the FPSC A&NZ and Freshcare.

Register here.

This webinar will be in two parts: the first part will be an overview of the UK’s Red Tractor and its assurance scheme for fresh produce. The second part will be Lucy’s personal views about the opportunities to improve the audit process, as part of a project she is undertaking for a Nuffield Scholarship.

About the Speaker: Lucy MacLennan is a specialist consultant to the food industry having worked as a food technologist for more than 20 years. Her work has taken her around the world improving the quality and safety of fresh produce as well as ambient grocery products and high care chilled prepared foods.

She is currently a 2020 Nuffield Scholar, having previously obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in Agrifood from the University of Nottingham, an MBA from Cranfield University and her undergraduate degree BSc (Hons) in Nutrition and Food Science from the University of Surrey.

Lucy’s career has seen her work for leading UK retailers such as Marks and Spencer and Sainsbury’s Supermarkets, as well as working extensively throughout their supply bases. Her consultancy work has led to the development of the Marks & Spencer Select Grower standard which has step changed food safety standards within the fresh produce industry.

As well as her consultancy work, Lucy is Chief Executive of The Organic Research Centre, an organisation which seeks to redesign and deliver better farming practices based on organic and agroecological principles. She is also Non-Executive Director and Chairman of the Fresh Produce Board Committee at Red Tractor Assurance.

This webinar will be in two parts:

Part A – Red Tractor Assurance is the leading farm assurance scheme in the UK.  It is one of the biggest brands in the UK, with its logo appearing on almost £15bn food sold.  The scheme covers 6 industry sectors: beef and lamb, poultry, dairy, crops, pigs and fresh produce.  Lucy is Chairman of the Fresh Produce Sector Board and Non Executive Director for Red Tractor and will provide an overview of the state of the fresh produce sector in the UK and how Red Tractor has responded and shaped its strategy accordingly.  In addition she will provide an overview of how the fresh produce standard is managed and implemented.

Part B – Lucy has built a wealth of experience developing GAP standards for UK retailers and has seen first hand where they work well but also the issues associated with audit and assurance schemes.  Her perception is that food safety audits are currently viewed as something of a necessary evil within supply chains – certification is a market entry requirement so the process is tolerated rather than really used by anyone to improve standards on farm.  But auditing on one day of the year can provide a false sense of year round compliance particularly regarding food safety.  She believes that there is an opportunity farm businesses to take more responsibility for their own continuous improvement of agricultural practices and that with improved attitudes, ownership of the challenge and building knowledge, ultimately the need for external audit could be reduced – or even eliminated and instead more emphasis should be placed on internal audit and leadership culture.  It is this opportunity that Lucy is exploring as part of her studies for her Nuffield Farming Scholarship.  In the course of her studies she will explore different fresh produce food safety standards around the world but in addition she will explore how audit has developed in other industries such as medicine, finance and the military in order to see whether there are opportunities to learn from their experience.

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