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NZ: New certificate holders increase

Horticulture New Zealand: The number of NZGAP certificate holders increased by 12% during 2016.

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AU: Food labelling: canny consumers should search for the source

The Australian: Go shopping for food or sit down at a restaurant or cafe and you're likely to be bombarded with assurances that everything is fresh, local, sustainable, seasonal, ethical, nutritious and/or Australian.

Packaging is jammed with claims about "goodness" and "trust" and, if the photographs are any guide, every farm is a green swathe of lush perfection with one or two plump, healthy animals gambolling joyfully across the verdant expanse.

In many ways this is encouraging. Retailers are responding to growing consumer preference for products that are healthy, ethically produced and local. But these images speak of a romantic idea of food production: clean, uncluttered and safe.

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Take a deep breath and reflect on the hep A saga, suggests Richard Bennett

I’ve given a few presentations over recent years about crisis management, starting with the need to prevent a crisis as much as possible by having the right attitude towards food safety backed up with the necessary systems. I put attitude first for a reason.

The next stage is to be prepared. Despite the best prevention systems and intentions, glitches happen and you might find yourself in need of a plan to manage the unthinkable. Good prevention and preparation will make all the difference to response and recovery. There’s plenty of evidence to show that resilience – the ability to bounce back – is almost directly related to how you respond, which is directly related to what you have done to prevent and prepare.

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