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Posts tagged ‘Counterfeit Food’

CA: How to improve brand protection and increase consumer trust

Global Food Safety Resource: What kinds of events can hurt or destroy food companies? A food safety or food fraud event that sickens or kills people, depending on where the event occurs, can deal a damaging or fatal blow to a food company. When it comes to protecting brands against food safety and food fraud, totally different approaches are required.

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Food fraudsters stealing reputations, writes Jan Davis

Jan Davis writes: Most of us have at some stage come across cheap knock-off copies of expensive brands – Louis Vuitton handbags, Ralph Polo shirts, Rolex watches, Nikes - whatever. Maybe you even succumbed to temptation.

Chinese counterfeiting has been a challenge to many major corporations and fashion houses for decades. However, the copyists have moved on and the latest trend is in faking foods and consumables.

This is proving a nightmare for Australian farmers, agribusinesses and consumers.

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AU: Counterfeit food threatens Australia’s international reputation

ABC Radio National: Australian food producers and exporters are calling on the federal government to do more to protect the nation's clean, green image against a rising tide of counterfeiting.

Unscrupulous foreign operators are taking advantage of Australia's reputation for quality food by counterfeiting labels and packaging to sell their own inferior and potentially unsafe product in international markets.

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