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AU: Melon industry aims to win back consumers in six steps

Great Lakes Advocate: The melon industry is looking to win back consumers through a six stage process after a Listeriosis outbreak earlier this year. Together with Hort Innovation,  the industry launched a six-pronged initiative to combat foodborne illness risks and support the sustainability of the melon industry.

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AU: Rockmelon Listeria outbreak: New control measures to be set up on rockmelon farms

ABC NSW Country Hour: The rockmelon industry has moved to combat foodborne illness risks on farms and to support the sustainability of the industry in the wake of the deaths of six people after a listeria outbreak on a New South Wales farm earlier this year.

Under the plan, all rockmelon farms in Australia will be inspected and work will be undertaken on each individual farm to ensure that the highest standards are implemented and maintained.

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AU: Rockmelon Listeriosis investigation summary

NSW Food Authority: How did this outbreak happen? The investigation found that the contamination is likely to have occurred due to adverse weather (localised storm over the farm and subsequent dust storms during the season) increasing the levels of Listeria on the fruit prior to harvest. On this occasion and despite following industry best practice, the washing and sanitising at Rombola Family Farms was not able to remove all the trapped bacteria from the rockmelon surfaces, resulting in a low level of Listeria being present.

Read the full summary at the NSW Food Authority website

AU: Melon Industry welcomes positive response from consumers

FreshPlaza: Australian melon growers are buoyed by support from retailers, consumers and export markets.

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AU: Listeria outbreak: Sixth person dies in NSW

ABC News: A woman in her nineties from New South Wales has become the sixth person to die from a Listeria outbreak linked to contaminated rockmelon.

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AU: Listeriosis outbreak linked to rockmelon

The NSW Food Authority is advising consumers who are most vulnerable to Listeria infection such as older persons, and people who have weakened immune systems due to illness or pregnancy, to avoid eating rockmelon after a recent spike in listeriosis cases in elderly people has been linked to the fruit.

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AU: Salmonella and rockmelon – Q&A

Food Standards Australia & New Zealand: Why has a warning about consuming rockmelons been issued?

Salmonella has been detected on the surface of some rockmelons that were sampled from a retail outlet in South Australia by South Australia Health.

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