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US: Multistate Outbreak of Salmonella Poona Infections Linked to Imported Cucumbers (Final Update)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: This outbreak appears to be over.

CDC, multiple states, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) investigated a multistate outbreak of Salmonella Poona infections.

A total of 907 people infected with the outbreak strains of Salmonella Poona were reported from 40 states.

A total of 204 ill people were hospitalized, and six deaths were reported from Arizona (1), California (3), Oklahoma (1), and Texas (1). Salmonella infection was not considered to be a contributing factor in two of the three deaths in California.

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SA: Microbiological food safety status of commercially produced tomatoes from production to marketing

Journal of Food Protection: Tomatoes have been implicated in various microbial disease outbreaks and are considered a potential vehicle for foodborne pathogens. Traceback studies mostly implicate contamination during production and/or processing. The microbiological quality of commercially produced tomatoes was thus investigated from the farm to market, focusing on the impact of contaminated irrigation and washing water, facility sanitation, and personal hygiene. A total of 905 samples were collected from three largescale commercial farms from 2012 through 2014.

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US: Which food is most likely to give you Salmonella?

The Daily Meal: Salmonella poisoning, or salmonellosis, is an illness inspired by the consumption of one of over 2,000 foodborne salmonella strains. “Salmonella infection usually occurs when a person eats food contaminated with the feces of animals or humans carrying the bacteria,” says Foodborne Illness.

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AU: Media Statement in response to the salad recalled for Salmonella

The recall of pre-packaged salad brands has been thorough, swift and effective according to the Produce Marketing Association and the Fresh Produce Safety Centre (FPSC). Richard Bennett (FPSC Technology Manager) said while this isolated and unfortunate incident has occurred that consumers can be confident that ready-to-eat salads on retail shelves are safe and healthy.

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AU: Company fined over Salmonella outbreak on Melbourne Cup day

The Courier Mail: A company at the centre of a massive Melbourne Cup Day Salmonella outbreak has been found guilty of failing in food safety standards, a court has heard.

The Brisbane Magistrates Court yesterday heard the bacteria was contained in one or some of the 20 raw eggs used to make five batches of mayonnaise by Piccalilli Catering in November 4, 2013.

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Canadian Researchers Working on ‘Smart Labels’ to Detect Food Pathogens

Food Safety News writes: The day may not be too far off when consumers and food manufacturers will be able to detect the presence of E. coli, Listeria or Salmonella by visual changes in a polymer-based “smart label” now being developed by engineering professors at the University of Alberta.

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