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US: Metrics proposed to prevent the harvest of leafy green crops exposed to floodwater contaminated with Escherichia coli

Allied and Environmental Microbiology: In this study, the suitability of the LGMA metrics for farms in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States was evaluated. The upper end of a spinach bed (in Beltsville, MD) established on a −5% grade was flooded with water containing 6 log CFU/ml Escherichia coli to model a worst-case scenario of bacterial movement through soil. While E. coli was quickly detected at the 9-m distance within 1 day in the spring trial and within 3 days in the fall trial, no E. coli was detected on plants outside the flood zone after 14 days.

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NZ: Listeria scare: Spinach recalled following positive test

TVNZ: The Ministry For Primary Industries (MPI) and Cambridge-based produce company Southern Fresh have recalled the batch of spinach following confirmation it tested positive for listeria monocytogenes."As a further precaution, Southern Fresh have made the decision to place all washed salad products in the marketplace on hold until testing confirms that it is 100 per cent safe to eat.

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