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US: FDA finds Cyclospora in Fresh Express salad sold at McDonalds restaurants

Food Safety News: Federal officials have confirmed parasites in salad mix that Fresh Express sold to McDonald’s and other unnamed companies. Almost 300 people in 15 states, are confirmed infected. Another outbreak, which federal officials say is not related to the Fresh Express salad mix, involves pre-cut vegetable and dip trays sold by Del Monte Fresh Produce. As of the most recent update from CDC, 237 people across four states had been confirmed with Cyclospora infections in that outbreak.

NZ: How to Determine the Shelf Life of Food

New Zealand Food Safety: This guidance document has been developed to help operators to determine the shelf life of their food products and to apply the appropriate date marking. It provides useful information to assist operators preparing and handling foods for retail sale. Any legal requirements are shown in boxes with quotation marks.

US: FDA says cattle feedlot could be to blame for E. coli in canal water used on romaine

Food Safety News: Outbreak investigators say a cattle feedlot near a canal providing water to growing regions in Arizona is a key element in their hypothesis about the source of E. coli that contaminated romaine lettuce earlier this year. Five people died and more than 200 others were confirmed with infections from a particularly virulent strain of E. coli O157:H7 that investigators found in the canal water in June. Dust from such feedlots is a known vector for the spread of E. coli bacteria and other pathogens to growing fields and surface water.

FR: How to Strengthen Your Culture of Food Safety

Global Food Safety Initiative: According to the Global Food Safety Initiative’s (GFSI) new guidance document, a strong food safety culture depends on five key dimensions: Vision and Mission, People, Consistency, Adaptability, and Hazards and Risk Awareness. Does your food safety culture leverage all of these critical components?

AU: Refreshed Food Allergen Portal

Food Standards Australia New Zealand: A new look Food Allergen Portal, the result of a collaboration between industry, consumer and government stakeholders, is providing best practice resources on managing allergens in food. Launching the portal today, Food Standards Australia New Zealand CEO, Mr Mark Booth said the portal is now easier for people to navigate and access links to food allergy related resources and information. “The portal has information for food manufacturers and retailers; the food service sector; childcare centres and schools; government organisations; health professionals and consumers," Mr Booth said.

Conference theme & program announced!

Today the Fresh Produce Safety Centre Australia and New Zealand has announced the theme and confirmed speakers for the fifth annual Fresh Produce Safety Conference.

Theme: Food Safety – It’s Your Responsibility
Venue: University of Sydney Veterinary Science Conference Centre (New venue!)
Date: Wednesday 26 September 2018



Keynote address: International developments in food safety

Listeria outbreaks: are we any the wiser?

  • Dr Robert Premier, Microbiologist, Global FS Pty Ltd/PMFresh
    Why is Listeria such as issue for fresh produce?
  • Dr Craig Shadbolt, Manager, Food Incident Response, NSW Department of Primary Industries, 
    Listeria case studies provide solid clues for prevention

Is food safety training hitting the mark?

  • Brendan Hayes, Product Technologist, Coles. A retailer’s perspective
  • Andrew Shaw, AUSVEG. The growers’ perspective

R&D Session

  • Dr Mark Bradbury, University of Sydney
  • Dr Hayriye Bozkurt Cekmer, University of Sydney, Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment for E. Coli and Listeria in Leafy Vegetables: From farm to consumption in Australia.
  • Professor Robyn McConchie, University of Sydney

Recall, your call.

Export Markets: is A-NZ food safety reputation at risk?

  • Speaker TBC

Register now and take advantage of earlybird rates – only available until 16 August!


AU/NZ: FPSC conference – Earlybird registration now open

Fresh Produce Safety Conference 2018
Wednesday, September 26, 2018
The University of Sydney, Australia

The fifth annual conference of the Fresh Produce Safety Centre Australia and New Zealand, will be held at the University of Sydney, Australia, on the 26th of September 2018.

THEME: Food Safety – It’s your responsibility

VENUE: New venue – Veterinary Science Conference Centre

PROGRAM: Major food safety issues affecting our industry

View the program and other resources from our successful 2017 conference.

Registration prices:

Earlybird* – $195
Standard – $250
*(Earlybird registration available until 16 August)

Discounts are available for sponsors


US: America’s enduring failure to prevent food-borne illness

Emily Atkin / The New Republic: The CDC’s green light to eat romaine again may have marked the end of the lettuce crisis in consumers’ minds, but the situation is far from over. The agency and the FDA are still investigating why and how a dangerous strand of E. coli wound up contaminating lettuce in Yuma. No single grower, harvester, processor, or distributor has been blamed, and investigators are still unsure whether contamination happened during the growing, washing, chopping, or bagging process.

Read the full article at The New Republic

AU: Woolworths, Coles and Aldi sliced mushrooms recalled over potential plastic hazard

ABC News: Punnets of sliced white and brown mushrooms are being recalled from across the country due to the potential presence of large pieces of white plastic.

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AU: Frozen vegetables recall over fears of potential contamination not expected to generate consumer backlash

NSW Country Hour: Simplot, the largest Australian manufacturer of frozen vegetables, is confident consumers here will not be put off buying the local product in the wake of the recall of imported frozen vegetables announced on Monday.

Read the full article at the NSW Country Hour website