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Fresh produce safety and COVID-19

The ARC Training Centre for Food Safety in the Fresh Produce Industry is regularly producing information for the Australian and New Zealand produce industries on COVID-19. Recent posts include:

  • COVID-19 on surface of fresh produce: Wash your produce with water NOT SOAP. More here
  • Fresh produce safety and COVID-19 positive workers in processing facilities: key points for industry. More here
  • Coronavirus unlikely to be passed on through fresh produce. More here

Additional resources and information

For additional information, visit these following sites: 

Australian Department of Health: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

Center for Produce Safety (US): CPS COVID-19 Resources and Information

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ): Novel Coronavirus and Food Safety

Freshcare: Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

Institute for Food Safety at Cornell University: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Food Industry Resources and FAQs

Hort Innovation: COVID-19 information for horticulture participants

Horticulture New Zealand: COVID-19 update for horticulture

NSW Food Authority: Food Businesses and COVID-19

New Zealand Food Safety Science Research Centre: COVID-19

NZ MPI: Coronavirus and Food Safety on COVID-19

PMA A-NZ: COVID-19 and Fresh Produce

PMA A-NZ: Guidelines for the Fresh Produce Industry – COVID-19 and your Workforce

Safe Food Queensland: COVID-19: Advice for Food Businesses

Safe Food Queensland: Guideline for Reducing Workforce Impacts related to COVID-19

Safe Work Australia: Agriculture: Minimising the risk from COVID-19

United Fresh: COVID-19 and the New Zealand Fresh Produce Industry

Industry specific resources and information

APAL: COVID-19 Need to Know

Australian Banana Growers Council: COVID-19 – Important grower information

Australian Macadamia Society: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Industry and Updates for Industry

Australian Mango Industry Association: COVID-19 Resources

Australian Table Grape Association Inc: Fact Sheet and Poster

AUSVEG: Coronavirus Resources

Avocados Australia: Coronavirus (COVID-19) – links & resources

Berries Australia: COVID-19 News Updates & Resources for your business

Citrus Australia: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

Growcom: Solutions and Support for Growers to Keep Farming Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

NSW Farmers: Emergency – COVID-19 Information

New Zealand Apples and Pears: Information on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

New Zealand Avocado: COVID-19 Update

NZKGI: Coronavirus Information

Potatoes New Zealand: Unite against COVID-19

Summerfruit Australia: Media Release – Food Safety and COVID-19

Summerfruit New Zealand: COVID-19 Guidance for Summerfruit Growers

Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association: COVID-19

Victorian Farmers Federation: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

WA Farmers: COVID-19 Information

Please reach out to us at if you have industry information that should be listed here and shared.